Which Country Has The Most Traffic?

What is the most congested country in the world?

The United StatesThe United States is the most congested country in the developed world, with American drivers spending an average of 42 hours per year stuck in peak-hour traffic..

What is the safest country to drive in?

NorwayThe safest country in the world to drive in is Norway, with only 20 road deaths per million of the population in 2017. Other countries in the top 5 safest countries to drive in include: Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Denmark.

Who has worst traffic in the world?

Bogotá, Colombia, topped this year’s list of the most traffic-congested cities, with drivers on average losing about 191 hours – nearly eight days – each year in congestion. Five of the 10 cities with the worst traffic congestion are in Latin America, the report found.

Which country has the least traffic?

The United StatesThe United States, with the lowest urban population densities, has the least traffic congestion. Latin America, Eastern Europe and China, with higher urban densities, have worse traffic congestion.

Which is the most traffic city in the world?

BengaluruBengaluru: It’s official. Bengaluru is the world’s most traffic congested city. According to a report by TomTom, the Netherlands-based global provider of navigation, traffic and map products, India’s startup hub beat 415 other cities across 57 countries to earn the title in 2019.