What Can I Use For Clay Bar Lube?

Can you clay bar without polishing?

You don’t have to polish afterwards but clay bars will mar the surface.

You may not see or notice it but it is there.

Depending on how fine a grade the clay is, you may have to do an intensive polish or just a one-step wax..

Can I use water as lubricant for clay bar?

It is also important to lubricate the surface and the clay bar before using. One can either use a quick detailer product or a water/automotive wash solution as a lubricant during the clay bar process. … Using clay without enough lubricant can cause marring and leave small, difficult to remove, pieces of clay behind.

What do you use after clay bar?

When you’re finished claying your car, you may need to wash it to remove any lubricant film. If you plan to use a pre-wax cleaner polish, it will remove clay residue so there’s no need to wash. Last but not least, after using clay, seal your freshly cleaned paint with your choice of wax or sealant.

Does clay bar remove wax?

Clay will removing existing wax and may leave tiny holes where contaminants have been removed. They must be sealed in order to protect the paint from corrosion.” So, claying does remove wax and should therefore be re-waxed afterwards.

Does Clay Bar hurt clearcoat?

Clay bars are not supposed to damage the paint or clear coat finish, the particles that are being removed by the clay bar might remove some of the clear coat (see image below for example) the the damage these particles can do over time is worse than the clear coat being removed – and this valleys will be filled in with …

Can you clay bar with spray wax?

Knead the clay into a hamburger shape, then dunk the bar into your soap bucket used to wash your car earlier. Take the wash mitt in your left hand and squeeze out the water and soap onto the panel about to be cleaned. Immediately afterwards, spray a quick shot of spray wax or clay lube on the wet surface.

Will clay bar remove touch up paint?

A clay bar definitely isn’t going to take out dried touch-up. A clay bar really isn’t abrasive and has no bite to get rid of paint that is uneven.

Can you clay bar your car too much?

Improper Claying “The fact is, clay needs to glide over the surface to be effective in cleaning the paint.” As simple as it sounds, it’s the truth. Jim also strongly advises against reusing clay bars. “Once a clay bar has picked up debris, it’s contaminated,” says Jim adamantly.

Is a clay bar worth it?

Over time, these particles could permanently damage your paint. These particles also prevent wax and polish from working properly, which means you don’t get as clear a shine. If you want to protect your paint job in the future and have your car looks its best, clay bar detailing is absolutely worth it.

How often should I clay bar my car?

The good news is that you can easily determine for yourself when you need to clay. Simply feel your paint after each wash. If it feels rough or bumpy, it is time to clay! As a general guideline, claying 3-4 times a year will keep your car’s paint clean and smooth.

What is a clay lubricant?

All detailing clay requires the use of a clay lubricant to prevent scratches as you gently rub the clay on the vehicle. Detailing clay lubricant protects the paint and helps maintain the flexibility of the clay.

How long does a clay bar last?

18 months to 2 yearsclay bar will last you 18 months to 2 years if used on the same vehicle. If you buy clay in an 4 oz.

Can I clay bar a wet car?

Re: claying on wet vs. dry car. Doesnt really matter as far as claying performance, but if you are in a warm area, the water could be drying on your car causing water spots.

Can you use Quick Detailer as clay lube?

Quick detailer or just use your leftover soapy washing water as a lubricant. Optimum No Rinse, dilution ratio of 2oz/gallon, which comes out to 0.5 ounces per quart (32oz) bottle. … Dude at the detailing shop here in town recommended Optimum Opti-Clean over No Rinse as the clay lube.

Can you use clay bar on glass?

Glass does not need a special clay bar, and most clay bars are safe for glass. … They may leave marring on the glass and need to be polished afterwards. With any clay bar, make sure to use the proper clay lubricant. Soaps and water-less washes can often breakdown the clay bars, causing them to crumble and fall apart.