Quick Answer: What Does SunLife Cover?

What is not covered by private health insurance?

What doesn’t private health insurance cover.

Private health insurance does not cover medical services that are provided out of hospital and which are covered by Medicare.

These services include GP visits and consultations with specialists, in their rooms, and diagnostic imaging and tests..

Is therapy free in Canada?

Often referred to as therapists or counsellors, these healthcare professionals are trained to help people with everyday mental challenges such as anxiety, depression or grief. Their fees aren’t covered by provincial health insurance, but may be included in workplace health benefits.

Can I withdraw money from Sunlife?

You can access any available cash in your policy through withdrawals, policy loans or if you don’t require the valuable insurance coverage that comes with Sun Universal Life II, you can cancel it for its cash surrender value.

How long does Sunlife take to process a claim?

24 to 48 hoursClaims submitted either through my Sun Life Mobile or online through mysunlife.ca are adjudicated immediately and if approved, any reimbursement amount is usually deposited into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

What does not covered mean?

Health care adjective Referring to a procedure, test or other health service to which a policy holder or insurance beneficiary is not entitled under the terms of the policy or payment system–eg, Medicare.

What does not a covered benefit mean?

Network Provider/In-network Provider – A healthcare provider who is part of a plan’s network. Non-covered Charges – Charges for services and supplies that are not covered under the health plan. Examples of non-covered charges may include things like acupuncture, weight loss surgery or marriage counseling.

How do I check my SunLife coverage?

Sign in to mysunlife.ca to get your coverage details. Click Coverage Information to see what your current benefits cover, and when you can change your coverage. Click Medical coverage, Drug coverage or any other options on this list.

Does SunLife cover therapy?

Are you covered by SunLife’s extended health benefits insurance? We are happy to report that, as of March 26, 2020, SunLife will now reimburse for the virtual, psychotherapy services provided by Psychologists and Registered Psychotherapists (also known as RPs) as well! …

How do I find out what my insurance covers?

If you have any questions about what your plan covers, call your insurance company. Member services representatives are there to answer exactly these types of calls. They can tell you whether a doctor, prescription or service is covered and how much your insurance will pay.

Is mental health care free in Canada?

It is a publicly-funded system that provides coverage to almost all Canadian citizens, regardless of their medical history and income level. It covers preventative treatment and care from physicians as well as access to hospitals.

Does SunLife cover social workers?

SunLife will cover psychologists and social workers, but does not enable direct billing. Manulife covers psychologists, and sometimes covers Social Workers, but does not enable direct billing.

What are the 10 essential health benefits?

What Are the 10 Essential Health Benefits?Prescription Drugs. … Pediatric Services. … Preventive and Wellness Services and Chronic Disease Management. … Emergency Services. … Hospitalization. … Mental Health and Addiction Services. … Pregnancy, Maternity, and Newborn Care. … Ambulatory Patient Services.More items…•

What is a covered benefit?

The health care items or services covered under a health insurance plan. Covered benefits and excluded services are defined in the health insurance plan’s coverage documents. In Medicaid or CHIP, covered benefits and excluded services are defined in state program rules.

Who does disability insurance cover?

Disability insurance is intended to replace some of a working person’s income when a disability prevents them from working. It does not: Cover medical care or long-term care services. Provide benefits.

Does insurance cover mental hospital stays?

Private hospital insurance for psychiatric services and rehabilitation. To be covered as a private patient for psychiatric treatment or drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you can purchase a private hospital policy. Private hospital insurance covers the cost of hospital accommodation and a portion of the medical fees.