How Reliable Is A Lexus LS 460?

Is a Lexus ls460 expensive to maintain?

The annual maintenance cost of a Lexus LS460 is $767.

Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop..

How fast is the Lexus LS 460?

SpecificationsPerformance specifications by modelLS 460LS 460 AWDTop speed0–250 km/h (155 mph) (electronically limited)Acceleration 0–100 km/h (62 mph)5.7 seconds6.3 secondsFuel consumption11.1 L/100 km (21.2 mpg‑US; 25.4 mpg‑imp)11.6 L/100 km (20.3 mpg‑US; 24.4 mpg‑imp)5 more rows

How many miles will a Lexus ls460 last?

The LS 460 is extremely reliable but even a reliable car will need fixing over 200,000 miles. Expect to find a nice example with less than 100,000 miles for around $15,000.

What is the most reliable Lexus model?

Lexus GSThe Lexus GS is the most reliable Lexus The Lexus GS is in the third generation of the GS model. Released in 2013, it’s remained trusty over the years and touts the top spot among other Lexus vehicles as the most reliable Lexus of all.

Is a Lexus better than a BMW?

Winner: Lexus Lexus narrowly tops BMW with an overall brand predicted reliability score of 3.65 to BMW’s 3.625. The most reliable vehicle in the bunch is the Lexus LS with a rating of 4.5 out of five. However, Lexus also offers the two least-reliable vehicles among these brands: the IS with a 2.5 and GX with a three.

Does Lexus rx400h have a timing belt?

the 2006 lexus rx400h is equipped with a timing belt.

Is an Audi better than a Lexus?

Audi wins another battle over Lexus, this time thanks to the high-ranking Audi Q5 luxury compact SUV and its overall score of 8.3. … It’s not as entertaining to drive as the Audi, however, and – like so many Lexus models – the NX comes with a daunting infotainment system.

Why is Lexus LS so expensive?

The reason why lexus and some infinitis are so expensive is because of lasting quality. Lasting quality is the ability of a car to “feel like new” regardless of age or mileage when properly cared for.

Is 200k miles bad for a Lexus?

And we’ve had several models in the past that have lasted more than 200k miles with minimal issues. In fact, most Toyota (and Lexus and Scion) owners will attest to the fact that their cars will survive to 200k miles with little worry.

Is a Mercedes better than a Lexus?

In general, Lexus vehicles are more practical with their lower price points, extensive lineup of hybrids, and better reliability. However, Mercedes offers some of the most top-of-the-line luxury vehicles like the S-Class and GLE, noted for their opulent cabins and impressive performance characteristics.

Is a Lexus worth the money?

Overall, the Lexus brand favors comfort, upscale interiors, and overall performance. It may be worth upgrading if you have a larger budget and want a vehicle that offers a luxurious driving experience without sacrificing performance.

Does Lexus LS 460 have timing belt or chain?

Originally Answered: Does Lexus LS series have timing belt of chain? The 1UR V8 engine series used in the LS since 2006 uses a timing chain. … Those four cams are driven with a timing belt that should be changed approximately every 90,000 miles, depending on conditions.

Is Lexus LS 500 a good car?

Yes, the Lexus LS is a good car. It’s available with a gas-only or hybrid powertrain, and it’s potent and composed in either setup. The cabin is comfortable and has plenty of panache. Both rows of seats are inviting, and there are plenty of standard and available tech features, as well as a large trunk.

Do Lexus have timing belts?

If you drive a Lexus, chances are it is using a timing chain rather than a timing belt. Many older models of Lexus vehicles used timing belts but that was typically pre-2005 or 2006. Since that time nearly every vehicle that Lexus makes has been outfitted with a timing chain rather than a timing belt.

What is the best used Lexus to buy?

The Four Best Lexus Models to Buy UsedLexus CT 200h. Image via Flickr by M 93: „Dein Nordrhein-Westfalen” … Lexus LX470. If you want a car that will give you great performance for years to come, then you need the Lexus LX470. … Lexus ES 350. If you’re looking for a car that will get you from A to B in style, then the Lexus ES 350 is the car for you. … Lexus LS.

What is the best model Lexus?

Here are some of the best and worst Lexus models you can buy in 2020, ranked!10 Best: Lexus GX.9 Best: Lexus RX.8 Best: Lexus IS 300.7 Best: Lexus LS XF40.6 Best: Lexus RX Hybrid.5 Best: Lexus LC 500.4 Worst: Lexus LS 460.3 Worst: Lexus IS 250.More items…•

Does a 2005 Lexus es330 have a timing belt or chain?

the 2005 lexus es330 is equipped with a timing belt that needs to be replaced every 90,000 miles. the timing belt on the 2005 lexus es330’s engine needs to be replaced every 90,000 miles or every 9 years; which ever comes first.

Is Lexus overrated?

No, they are not overrated. Lexus has one of the best reliability ratings of any carmaker in the industry. They are arguably one of the best cars you could ever buy. You not only get prestige, luxury and status, you get legendary reliability and resale value.