How Do You Send Someone Your Location Via Text On IPhone?

What happens when you share your location with someone on iPhone?

After location sharing is turned on, the organizer’s location is automatically shared with everyone in the family group.

When you agree to share, your family members see your location in Find My Friends and Messages.

If your family members have iOS 13 or later, they can see your location in the Find My app..

How do you send someone a location on iMessage?

This messaging app supports both iOS and Android, and you can use live location sharing to all of the WhatsApp contacts. To start, open the message app and select the contact you want to share real-time location. From the message window, tap on “+” sign and choose the Location of the next screen.

How do I send someone my current location?

Share a map or locationOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .Search for a place. Or, find a place on the map, then touch and hold to drop a pin.At the bottom, tap the place’s name or address.Tap Share . … Choose the app where you want to share the link to the map.

How do I send my location pin on iPhone?

To do so, open the Maps app, then tap the arrow in the lower-left corner to focus on your current location. Tap the info button in the lower-right corner, then select “Drop a Pin” to mark your current location.

How do you send your location via text?

How to Send Your Location to a Friend on an Android PhoneLong-press your current location on the map. To see your current location, tap the Location icon in the lower right corner of the Maps app screen. … Tap the card, and then tap the Share icon. … Choose the app to share the location. … Use the selected app to complete the process of sending your location to someone else.